Our story is unique but yet a very American Story. In 1969 the war in Vietnam raged on and the advent of the draft saw many of our men join the battle. Many men were drafted including Rieth Realty, Inc. Broker, Jim Rieth.  After Jim's two year commitment was met he returned back to civilian life at the F.W. Woolworth Company.  At Woolworth he had just completed their very intense 4 year management training program. After taking orders for 2 years continuing at Woolworth didn't make sense. Jim answered the ad of a Avon Lake broker looking for sales people. After working in Avon Lake for two years as a sales agent Jim passed the State Broker licensing test and became a broker. Along with his brother, Tom Rieth, Parents, Jerry and Helen Rieth, the family pitched in $500.00 each and purchased a scatter lot and built a single family home.  The proceeds from this sale funded Rieth Realty, Inc.  The entire family now had real estate licenses. Tom Rieth became a broker soon after the doors of Rieth Realty, Inc. opened in 1973. The parents have since left the business and now Jim and Tom run the Corporation.  Rieth Realty, Inc. specializes in residential, commercial and renal management.